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Hours of Operation

The school is open Monday through Friday. The office opens at 9am with classes from 9am to 7pm except for Poker which is taught Monday through Thursday from 10am to 4pm. Friday hours are 9am to 3pm. Craps is taught from 11am to 7pm.

Educational Philosophy

We are dedicated to providing every student the finest in classroom and personal training, to ensure that every graduate possesses the knowledge and skills necessary to become a qualified casino dealer.

School Facilities & Equipment

The school has an administrative office and a casino-style classroom with the following equipment:

4 Poker tables
8 Blackjack tables (including Royal Match table and ShuffleMaster dealing machines)
One Craps table
2 Roulette tables
One Mini Baccarat table
One Pai Gow Poker table


Casino Gaming School is licensed by the Commission on Post Secondary Education in the State of Nevada.

Graduation Certificate

Students who successfully complete a dealing course at Casino Gaming School will receive a Certificate of Graduation.

Admission Procedures

Each student is personally interviewed by the Admissions Representative who explains the School’s philosophy, discusses the opportunities in the Gaming Industry and explains the course contents.

Admission Requirements

Casino Gaming School accepts as students those individuals who have graduated from high school; have passed the General Education Development test (GED); or are above the compulsory age of school attendance and have the ability to benefit from the training Casino Gaming School offers.

The prospective student should also be in good health, have no major physical handicaps that would hinder his/her ability to deal, and display sufficient manual dexterity to become an employable graduate.